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Our blog "placements" was started on Nov 2,2016, In a short span of 47 days , it has reached 5000 views at a rate of 107 views/day. Being a new blogger, I am really happy by the overwhelming response received.

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Here are some stats of our blog
Our top 5 pages

Maximum views in a day : 697
We are constantly working to improve user experience and to provide information about more job opportunities.
Some of the features recently added 
  • Like and share buttons
  • No copy code
  • Search button
  • Notifications to browser
  • Beaten 30 lac websites in world according to Alexa
  • Just type "jobhuntzz" in Google, our blog is visible on the first page, our Facebook page is also visible on the first page.
Keep supporting us to do more, in short what we wanted to say is
Thank you

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