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How to differentiate Yourself from the crowd

Hi guys last week I wrote an article on Finding your first job and Importance of your career,
The different ways to land in a job are
career maps

  • Joining good training institutes
  • Reference from your networks to get a low paying job
  • Writing Tests like amcat and elitmus
  • Open opportunities
  • Oncampus placements
  • Joining a non paying  internship and performing exceptionally well in it to join their company as an employee
Whichever option you select, you need to have following job qualities
  • Aptitude skills
  • Communication skills
  • Technical knowledge
  • Decent aggregate with few or no year gaps and backlogs
A good resume is equally important.
What does a good resume mean??
A good format along with crisp description may  make recruiter happy, but what impresses him more is

  • Certificate of excellence in technologies
  • Certificate in national level/ state level sports
  • Participation in events of your domain such as hackathon or some seminars
  • No. of papers published by you
  • Applications of your technology like an app/website if you are from Cs background.
  • No. of internships completed
  • No. of current technologies you are good in
Any of the First 6 points adds as a huge advantage.
So make sure you have any advantage to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

To learn aptitude click Aptitude

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