Friday, 16 December 2016

Career guidance

I started this blog on Nov 3,2016, The main purpose of this blog is to give information about genuine offcampus jobs.

Nowadays I am getting several requests through Quora and Gmail for career guidance and tips to perform well in interviews.
job interviews are like first dates

Performing good is equally important to getting an opportunity to attend interviews. So I thought instead of replying to every mail and every Quora requests, I could write posts about the same in my blog itself and send them the link. It also gives me an opportunity to interact with you guys :)
So Here I am writing my first post on career guidance

college vs real life

Oncampus rejections are common take it lightly, If you have atleast attended interviews be happy some colleges do not have campus placements at all.

OK let's come to the point
India produces 25-30 lac Graduates but available jobs are just 10lac so be cool you are not alone there are lacs like you
Before going to the interview part let me ask you a simple question
Are you really interested in the field you are going??
Reply from a typical student will be "I don't know" are you a typical student??
choose your own adventure

Your passion is something that excites you,something you do immediately after waking up, find your passion first.

Let me tell you something, passion and interest are not the same, interest is something you like /something you are good at while passion is something you did great the first time itself.
A person can learn anything and go in any field, succeed and may even earn lacs, but he will not have internal satisfaction.
Why do people choose wrong career?

  • Money
  • Pressure from parents
  • People tell it's a good field
  • Well. It's the only job i got
Please know your passion, you can be an exceptional person in that field.Do not follow the trend set one.
 "If you follow passion  money will follow you"
Know your passion
Do you have any questions?leave it in the comment section I will answer it in the next post
Meet you guys in the next session bye :)
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