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2018 batch

Are you a 2018 graduating student? This post is for you !!
Hello guys, i think your exams are over and now enjoying your vacations
But what about campus placements??
image of interviews

Thinking there is a long way to go?? You have exactly 6 months for preparations

  • At this point you cannot increase your grades by too much , atleast try to maintain at a level eg: 60%,65%
  • Make sure you do not have active backlogs during campus placements
  • Try to learn aptitude.
  • Join an internship, 6th and 8th sem are ideal for internships, internships adds as a huge advantage during placements , you can register in internshala for internship opportunities.
  • Learn necessary technical skills
  • If your college do not have campus placements, Join a good training institiute which provides placements, aradhya tutorials is a great choice.
  • Try to do something practical in your domain
  • Companies ask for mini projects during campus placements,so make sure you have made a impressive project
  • Improve your communication skills, In real world, communication is all that matters
  • Create an impressive resume
For aptitude i personally prefer you to read this book, additionally we are also going to provide our aptitude materials and conduct mock tests.
Quantum cat by sarvesh verma

  • I feel its better than rs agarwal.
  • Unique tricks and shortcuts that cannot be found anywhere else
  • Appeal of the author is great
  • Clear explainations
  • Elaborates every topic in root detail.
  • Problems of all difficulty levels are covered.
Amazon link: Aptitude by sarvesh varma
Prepare well, Don't waste your holidays, All the best!!

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