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HCL YEP and TSS review

Hcl talent care

  • What is HCL YEP and TSS?
     A;- After 2014, Hcl faced huge loss and lost its reputation among freshers, so they came up with this different program in which they charge students for training and then recruit them. HCl talent care introduced Hcl TSS LEAP program  for the purpose.

  • How is HCL YEP and TSS  helping HCL ?
    A:- While other service based companies are spending their money in hiring and training students, Hcl is doing just the opposite.
eg:- TCS is investing around 2.5 lacs for each student for  hiring them from colleges and training them, while HCL is taking 2.5 lacs from students thereby saving 5 lac per student.

  • Why is HCL hiring freshers for money risking quality of their employees?
     A:- Normally, Service based company's employees will  not have much technical work, they just need graduates with basic technical knowledge, communication and aptitide skills, but due to high competiton, they're conducting multiple rounds.
  • Tell us about HCL YEP in detail?
     A;- HCL Young engineer program(YEP) is a unique resedential, initiative designed to transform engineering graduates into professionals. The program will help you develop technical,communication and professional skills.
          3 months Oncampus training and 3 months onjob training are provided.
          They provide three career streams

             1) Application services:

                Skills you will develop:

               -> Oracle architecture, 3 Tier architecture.
                ->Sql plus, Unix directory structure,
                ->Directory navigation and control.

                Positions upon successful completion:

               -> Technical support engineer
               -> Asm support engineer
               ->Software support engineer.
               ->Technical analyst

            2) Testing services:-
                Skills you will develop :-

             ->Software testing life cycle, Levels of testing,
             ->Usability testing and evaluation.
             ->Performance testing.
                Positions Upon successful completion:

            ->Testing engineer
            ->Software testing engineer
            ->Automation engineer
            ->Security tester

            3) Infrastructure services :-
                Skills you will develop  :-
             ->Knowledge on WAN and TCP/IP
             ->Good knowledge of INS,DNS,SSL etc.
             -> Server management, Storage management.
                Position Upon successful completion:
            -> Network engineer
            ->Network monitoring engineer
            ->Network Security engineer
            ->SI engineer.

         Eligiblity criteria :-
          -> MCA/BE/BTech/Mtech in CS,IS,ECE,EEE,EIE,
          -> Minimum 60 % throughout education.
          ->No active backlogs.

        ->2 Lac for application and infrastrucuture services, 1.5 Lac for testing services, you can opt any one.
        ->loan of upto 80% of fee.

       ->Industry recognized certificates and accreditions.
       ->On job training in a reputed company with monthly stipend.
       ->Assured placement on successful program completion. (Salary starting from 2lpa).

      To know more click HCL YEP

  • What about non engineering students?
      A:- HCL provides Young graduate program(YGP) for Bca and Bsc graduates for application service and testing profile, Only 2016 graduates are allowed and fee is 90,000.
           HCL also provides  YGP And YMP( young MBA program) for Commerce students.

  • What about HCL TSS LEAP  and how it is different from HCL YEP?
     A;- HCL TSS LEAP is very much similar to HCL YEP , HCL YEP is offered in hyderabad and chennai only, where as HCL TSS LEAP is offered in Bangalore, chennai, hyderabad, lucknow, madurai, and delhi.
          HCL TSS is made for engineering,science graduates and even class 12 students.

          After successful completion of HCL YEP program you may be placed in any company, but after HCL TSS, you will be placed in HCL itself.

         HCL TSS LEAP program is costlier than HCL YEP,

        HCL TSS LEAP has selection process which consists of communication and Hr rounds( 90% selection)
        HCL YEP is more like a training institute, with respect to placements, it is said that HCL TSS is better than HCL YEP.
        To know more click Hcl TSS

  • Should i join HCL YEP or TSS program?
A:- You will spend 2.5 lac on 6 months training and it takes 1 year to earn back the same, so you'll be Spending 1.5 years of your time without earning a penny. Jobhuntzz recommends these only if you are graduated in 2013/14/15 and still unemployed, as there are less opportunities outside for these students.   Join HCL TSS only if, you are not sure if you can get a job on your own merits anywhere else. if you feel all doors are closed, and you don’t mind spending 2.5 lacs to get an entry ticket into the IT industry, go for it.

  • Is the placements assured?
A:- As per HCL TSS terms and conditions, yes placements are assured, but please get feedback from people who joined this program before joining. Please note that after successful training you will be an employee of HCL talent care not HCL technologies.

To learn aptitude click Aptitude


  1. Hi sir. I am 2014 ECE passed out. I am working in a bpo from last 2.4 years and my package is 2.5 lakh. Iam in a certain nfusion to join or not HCL TSS program. But iam interested in some ng job in It field. My email address: vinay4a1@gmail.com please send ur suggestions


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