Thursday, 12 January 2017

Why Graduates are unemployed

India produces more than 60 lac Graduates every single year, out of which less than 50% are fit to be hired according to NDTV reports. And less than 30% are being hired. It is estimated that 27 crores of Indian population are still poor,and many of which live in rural areas.

unemployabity a greater problem than unemployment

After 1990's more importance is given to education than agriculture.No. of Graduates in 2000's were less and they were easily hired due to low competition. With increasing no. Graduates competition also Increased. In 2006, a software engineer was paid 3lpa, and in 2016 the same. 3lpa in 2006 was way too much, people started thinking atleast their child should earn good money and started sending their child to school, which obviously was a good move. Gradually graduates increased not because of the thirst to learn but because to earn more.
Offcampus job memes

All people started to use their graduation certificate as a tool to demand a job. Just as all ants gather around sugar, Graduates started searching for jobs to have their sweet (money), But what would happen if a million ants compete for few grams of sugar, the same happened in the case of Graduates.Back in 2013, India was producing 3.5lac engineer and today we are producing 15lac Graduates almost 5times.Why? Because people thought that engineering was the easiest route to earn money.

So where's the problem? Indian education?jobs availability? Indian population? people intelligence?? No it's the people's mentality.
If you do a course which pays you high, millions of people will be thinking the same, all will learn the same, which gives rise to a huge competition and obviously salary decreases, so should you not learn Java? Android? Yes you should learn them, but only if it's your interest, if you learn in an intention to make money from it, you'll be learning what all others know, if it's your interest, you'll be learning deep, you will become an expert and obviously you'll be paid way too much.

So okay, what's interest? What's passion? No one will be knowing their passion by birth, passion is not a fixed thing, Keep trying different things, when you come across your passion, you'll be having revolutionary ideas when you're putting baby steps in it. Believe me everyone in the world have their own advantages and disadvantages,  if you  measure fish's capacity by its ability to climb a tree, obviously it's a loser, but when you measure by its swimming abilities, it's a winner, just because you could not learn programming, you couldn't do math or couldn't learn , you are not a loser, it's just not your field. Just because I said this don't think education is not your cup of tea, it's obvious you feel that way, because too many people are going this way, people usually want to break rules, they think it's something wonderful, so currently,  joining film industry, becoming a sportsmen are considered great. Nothing is easy, you may think they're being overpaid, But you're seeing only the successful people, experts in any field get paid in crores. They have their own difficulties.

So is education not needed? Education is mandatory, you must atleast do a 10+2+3,So that you have basic knowledge and maturity to move towards your passion.Is it not deviating you from your passion? Ofcourse not , nothing in this world can Deviate your passion except your mind.Try different things, when you think you're interested in it, go ahead, without thinking twice what others think, but make sure it's not illegal or bad.

Importance of education in offcampus jobs

It's not Indian education that is wrong, if students whose passion is to become a teacher follows his passion, then their will be good teachers and good education system .Why Indian Graduates fail to find a good job? It is because they're not really interested in that field, they followed the crowd, they followed money, they followed their parents.

Is it tough to get a job in India? No, a good resume, good communication skills, good aptitude skills, with decent grades can land you in a job which pays you 25k per month. But is it worth? Some people may even get hell lot of money doing some repetitive task, but it will kill the energy in you, it will kill your satisfaction.Many of engineers land in a job in service based it companies, which promises you to give you technical work, some people may get it too, but most of them will be getting a support job, they will boast of their work to other friends saying how they are getting paid doing nothing, enjoy weekends and do repetitive work weekdays, then they jump to other companies in 3-4 years getting a 40% hike in salary and their journey continues. I am not saying everybody will go this way, but most of them will, so is it not worth doing a support job for 25k? No, it's better to join a job of your passion which pays 10k, in both cases, you'll not be saving anything in your early career, but Salary in your job of your passion increases exponentially. OK but my financial condition is serious/ my parents hospital bills is too much!! in that case continue in your current job promising yourself that you'll leave the job soon.

Why service based jobs are Not good? It's not about goodness it's a repetitive work, you cannot learn much from it, it's better if these jobs are given to candidates who have only enough knowledge to do this and in need of money. So am I against service based companies? Not really, I mean you guys are employing wrong candidates.
Service based companies often work for clients which are product based  foreign companies , they pay Indians way less and make them do repetitive task, let us come out of repetitive task jobs, let's build out careers in our passion. Let our jobs be distributed across every fields, let us make India a super power nation by 2025.

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  1. I think too many people have degrees now which means supply is high and demand is low so jobs can require degrees and pay very little.

    1. Yes Chad, that's what is happening in India,

  2. Great post. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I agree about finding your passion. You have to try different things to find out what really excites you, motivates you.

    1. Thank you Nadine, Yes finding our passion is a tough task, so we have to go on trying different things.

  4. Such a thought provoking post! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great article, what I like the most is the Quote :Education is not the learning of facts but training the mind to think. And it's so true


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