Monday, 6 February 2017


We are extremely delighted to say that our blog has reached 10000 views within 3 months.

First of all we would like to  thank our viewers for encouraging us to do our service at the highest level.

Secondly we would like to thank all our partners for helping us to achieve something.

  • Pushcrew
  • Google analytics
  • Add to any
Features added recently

  • Two Forms for easy selection of posts
  • Cross sectional menus
  • Additional widgets
Search engine optimization
  • Out Blog is Highly optimized for search engine rankings
  • Our blog is already ranking in first page of google and Bing for certain queries.(HCl yep review, placements study material, etc)
  • One of Top 30% sites in world according to Alexa.
Our top 5 posts
jobhuntzz top 5 posts

Our official accounts
If you get any calls/messages telling they are from jobhuntzz team and Ask money for any purpose, please report to us.
We do not ask money for any purpose.

Thank you all!!
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