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How to approach startup companies

Do you have good knowledge in any technologies? Still struggling to get a job? We will tell you how to approach startup companies.



Mistay is inviting applications from graduates for various intern roles
Mistay offcampus internship

Byjus pool campus drive

Byjus is conducting pool drive for Business development associate role

Byju's pool campus drive

The Best books for placements preparations

Choice of books plays a vital role in placements preparations. A good book is all you need to change your Career life, So  Jobhuntzz proudly presents "The best books for placements preparations"

A book is a gift you can open again and again

Intel offcampus drive

Intel is inviting applications from college Graduates for system programmer role
Intel offcampus drive

6 simple steps to your dream job

Have you ever wondered why some people can succeed in their career while so many can't? It's because of vision they have in their career path, they know their dreams, Do you have a career dream as well? Well here are 6 simple steps to achieve it.