Monday, 6 March 2017

6 simple steps to your dream job

Have you ever wondered why some people can succeed in their career while so many can't? It's because of vision they have in their career path, they know their dreams, Do you have a career dream as well? Well here are 6 simple steps to achieve it.

1. Decide on a career path

Money or passion

Yes, This is the toughest step towards your goal, how to decide on a career? Should I move towards trending technologies? Should I try my own way? It's upto you, But make sure you love what you are doing, anyway you should work, why don't you do what you love?

2. Decide where to learn skills

After deciding on a path, the very first thing you should see is who can teach you the necessary skills, The various ways are

  • Offline free: Ask your brother or sister or a friend who knows the technology to teach it to you
  • Offline paid: Google for the best institutes for learning the skill or buy a best book to learn the skill
  • Online free: 60% of educational sites are free, there are thousands of site to learn a skill, Google for the best.
Useful sites: Solo learn,Tutorials point ,W3 schools, Course era and some YouTube channels
  • Online paid: free content is often not enough to master a skill, so it's always better to pay some money and get the best coaching.
Useful sites: Lynda.comCode academy

3. Learn the skills

even the greatest was once a beginner

I know it's easy to say than to do, but yes this is where you build confidence about yourself, spend maximum hours a day and master skills, To avoid distraction you can follow the below steps

  • Unsubscribe from spammy emails and turn off browser notifications, yes notifications are targeted to distract you.
  • Spend minimum time in social media networks
  • Minimize your outings for atleast a month but do not be antisocial
  • If you have any doubts, Quora is the best place to clear it.

4. Try to make use of your skills

Yes you made it, now you know necessary skills to get a job and have enough confidence to crack technical interviews, but your resume is your first impression, what have you done practical with your skills that you can showcase in your resume? Yes try to do something practical in your technology

5. Search for free internships

You need atleast months to master skills and you cannot be unemployed for that long, so after you learn the basic skills, try for an internship. But there are thousands looking for internships, how do I get one?? That's why go for free internships, you could easily get them in sites like internships, or search for startup groups in Facebook, LinkedIn and ask for internships
Useful links: Internshala,Startup talky fb group,Let's intern,

6. Get a job

You now possess all skills to get your job, but how to get a job??

  • Become a freelancer instead, be your own boss, set up your own timings and earn as much as you wish
Useful sites: Freelancer,Upwork,People per hour
  • Teach your skills to others by your own site/app/videos or  through training institute. 
  • Ask your company for a full-time job, they may initially pay you low, but your salary will raise once you achieve perfection
  • Make use of your networks, tell them your skills and try to get a reference
  • Write exams like amcat and elitmus.
  • Look for better paid internships
  • Have a revolutionary plan? Start your own startup
Useful sites: Kickstarter,
Which step are you in?

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  1. very informative and concise post thanks for sharing! I love the sites you have linked also that is really helpful.

  2. Loved the links for internships. It often can be challenging to find a job when many require prior experience. An internship is a great way to get experience.

    1. Thank you,yes internships are gateway to jobs

  3. Great ideas, one of the great ideas to decide before applying for a job. thanks for sharing! Cheers.

  4. This is a very inspirational post, thanks for share it with us!

  5. Well informative post! Keep writing!


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