Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How to approach startup companies

Do you have good knowledge in any technologies? Still struggling to get a job? We will tell you how to approach startup companies.


Not everybody have a decent aggregate in graduation, Not everybody have good Aptitude skills and not everybody is ready to join popular service based companies, We all know it is tough to get a job offcampus, even if we get the opportunity, we won't be eligible for it, even if we are eligible, the same job opportunity will atleast reach hundreds, so definitely there will be high competition, so companies will choose best of best candidates.So what can we do? Ofcourse join a startup

What should you possess to join startup

  • Technical knowledge
  • A beautifully designed resume.
  • Confidence
  • Good communication skills

Advantages of joining a startup

  • They won't ask you 60% aggregate
  • Some companies do not even conduct Aptitude rounds
  • More opportunities to grow
  • Your work will be recognized and appreciated.
  • Enthusiastic colleagues who can teach you anything in the technology
Everything in this world has its own disadvantages so do the startups

  • Low compensation
  • Lack of job security
  • High pressure
  • No good infrastructural facilities
Low salary: Your salary may be low in startups, but once you have enough industrial exposure and required knowledge, you can skip to other companies which pay you more and hence it's not a problem.

Job security: Yes this is a serious problem, but don't worry they will give you the necessary certificates even if the startup fail, so you can jump to other startups.

High pressure: if you are working on your favorite technology, it won't be stressful, even if it's so, you'll be atleast learning a lot.

No good infrastructural facilities: why do you need them?.

So OK, joining a startup is the best thing to do, but how to approach startup companies for job opportunities? Gone are the days you Apply for a job online and get a call for interview, it's rare, you should be having a great resume to get call for interview. What are the different ways to approach startups?

Note: you should be possessing the desired skills.

  • Have a cool profile in LinkedIn, try to connect to hrs/ recruiting managers of different startups ( you can collect information about the hr of the company you want to join by the use of internet), atleast 20% of them will accept your connection, as they will be looking for candidates like you, after a few days, send them your resume, and ask for a opportunity to join the company, atleast few will call you for interview, if you possess the desired skills, you'll be able to crack the interview and get a job.

  • Approach through your real word connections( recommended).

  • Look out for startup Facebook groups, join in, tell them the skills you possess, ask for an interview, you may think this option will not work in real word, but in reality, this is how many Graduates are getting employed.
Whichever option you choose, your resume strongly influences chances of getting call to an interview.

Have two resumes ready, one regular standard resume, and another specially designed resume. How to create a special resume? That's our next article, stay tuned.

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  1. I hope this would be very helpful to my many friends. I have heard that it is actually very difficult to approach startups. though this article of yours would be very helpful. cheers

    1. Thanks Sophie, approaching startups is actually easy, but convincing them is a task not everybody can do

  2. Really interesting read and something that I'm sure will benefit a lot of people. Certainly, approaching a start-up company is a different prospect that a more established company and these are some great tips. Enjoyable read

    1. Hi Gareth,We are glad you liked our article

  3. Great read, thanks for sharing. Good tips.

  4. Interesting read. A lot of people are missing this information on how to approach Start-up companies. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Some great advice, thank you. I have really neglected my Linkedin account, I think I underestimate it's importance. I will give definitely some attention to it

  6. This is such a interesting read! :D
    Thanks for sharing, valid point indeed :)


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