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The Best books for placements preparations

Choice of books plays a vital role in placements preparations. A good book is all you need to change your Career life, So  Jobhuntzz proudly presents "The best books for placements preparations"

A book is a gift you can open again and again

Whatever you say, books are really our best friends, when it comes to getting a job, They not only help you to boost your confidence, but also makes you feel you should learn more, so which books you should read to improve your chances of getting a job?


In today's world, No matter what role you are applying for,no matter which company drive you are attending, no matter which round it is, Fluency in English is a must to get a job, I've personally seen many people getting a job solely because of their communication skills. So which book should you read to improve your English and communication skills?

Most of us know english grammar stuff which's easy, where we fall apart is Words, Many of us do not know recent  words and thus we struggle with antonyms and synonyms, To improve your word power, we recommend you this book.

  • Author : Norman lewis
  • Online Price :  Around 100 rupees
  • Length : 686 pages
  • I have personally used this book and found it to one of its kind.

Today, the very first round in most of the company 's recruitment process is aptitude. Aptitude round is the biggest hurdle to many engineering students, People often ask me the purpose of aptitude round in campus and offcampus placements. Companies measure a student's ability to learn by his aptitude skills and that's the reason they conduct aptitiude rounds, so which are the best books to improve your aptitude skills?

Aptitude consists of two parts

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Logical reasoning and Verbal ability.
Quantitative Aptitude:

  1. Quantitative aptitude qauntum cat
  • Author : Sarvesh k. Verma
  • Online Price : Around 450 rupeees
  • Length : 1000 pages
  • Highly recommended for  campus placements and elitmus preparations by its users
 2.Quantitative aptitude by RS agarwal

quantitative aptitude by rs agarwal

  • Author : Rs Agarwal
  • Online Price : Around 580 rupees
  • Length : 850 pages
  • 2017 edition of  most trusted quantitative aptitude book ever.

 3. Fast track objective arithmetic

  • Author : Rajesh Verma
  • Online price : Around 200 rupees
  • Length : 816 pages
  • If you are short of money, this is the best aptitude book to buy.

Verbal and non verbal reasoning

The only book i found good in this category is

 Modern approach to Verbal and non verbal reasoning
  • Author : Rs Agarwal
  • Online price : Around 800 rupees
  • Length : 1674 pages
  • 2017 edition, contains questions from recent competitive exams
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Let your preparations start!

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