Sunday, 23 April 2017

Android app development

Android app development is one of the most trending skills today, According to reports, there are 2.8 million apps in google play store Android app development will always be trending considering the fact that more than 1 billion people own android phones. The android was developed by android inc in 2004, Google bought android for a sum of 50 million $.

Android app development

Why should you learn android app development?

  • It is interesting to learn especially when you know the back end part.
  • It's  relatively easy  to learn android app development than to learn ios app development
  • Most used skill in freelancing
  • Android app developers are in demand, you can be paid anywhere between 3-20 lpa
  • It takes only 25$ to make a developer account and you can upload any number of apps in playstore and earn money through advertising or selling products.
  • Android is not limited to mobile phones.
Time to learn basics: 1 month-3 month.
Minimum skills required: nil
Recommended skills: Java, XML

The course is completely free and is undertaken by google,
For beginners , Android app development for beginners
For People who know basics: Android app fundamentals
For developers: Advanced android development

In case if you want to know Material design for android

Happy learning !!

To learn aptitude click Aptitude


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