Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Where to get books for free

In today's world, people spend an average of 3 hours a day in using mobile phones. 

Time online on mobile


Most of our time is  spent time in social media, clearing junk mails, responding to useless notifications and what not, though internet has infinite number of sites which can teach you  skills, we are often lazy to go to browse through pages and learn stuff. We are no longer getting entertained by internet, but it has become a daily routine to browse sites.

Whatever you say, its always better to learn skills through reading books than going  through sites which has more ads than useful information. But today's generation has changed,  how can i leave my mobile for hours and concentrate on internet less book? If you really cannot leave your mobile for hours, start reading ebooks.

While it's always better to read a physical book than to read e books, reading e books also has some advantages over physical book. It is highly recommended to turn off notifications while reading.

Advantages of reading e books

  • Environment friendly, no trees are cut for making e books
  • Delivered instantly
  • More than 40% of e books are freely available in internet
  • You can instantly check for doubts in internet
  • As you are using mobile to read and the notifications are turned off, there's nothing else to distract you
  • Your siblings cannot tear off the book.
  • Easily sharable
  • You can copy codes from e book, paste and run it in systems to check for results.
So where can you get e books for free? 

You can download Amazon Kindle app  from playstore, Though many of the books costs a bit, Still,  Thousands of ebook are available for free including Technical books like

  • A beginner's guide to learn python in 7 days
  • Java 4 selenium web driver
  • C programming language, a step by step guide to learn c in 7 days  and much more
Are these books really helpful? If yes, why is it offered for free?
Yes that's the first question that comes to our mind, Majority of the books are worth your time, they are being offered for free for marketing purposes only.

Is it legal to download it for free?
Absolutely yes.

Make use of Amazon Kindle app to improve your career
Happy learning!!

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  1. Great stuff. I read a fair bit and am currently doing a challenge to read 52 books this year ( ). Although I love the feel of a good paperback book, eBooks can be more practical for travelling. I used to travel with 2-3 books at a time but now its all on my laptop. Amazon does make it very easy and there is always something new to download.

  2. great share will save this post

  3. This is amazing! Especially the amount of collection it has is just amazing! Thanks for sharing this resource! Cheers! :)

  4. Amazing post. I never knew so many books are listed on Amazon Kindle app. I love reading and will download the app today itself. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Very interesting post. I'll save it, thanks a lot for sharing


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