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An interview with the crazy programmer

Do you love programming? Do you live in India? Then you must have heard  about this blog Thecrazyprogrammer, it's one of the best blogs to learn programming with over 2 lac followers. We have interviewed the man behind this blog Mr. Neeraj mishra.

Kaushalya Karnataka scheme

Karnataka state government has launched a scheme called kaushalya Karnataka to provide free technical training for job seekers.
Kaushalya Karnataka scheme

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Hackerearth internship

Hackerearth is inviting applications from BE Graduates for various intern roles


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Jobhuntzz search engine

Today there are lacs of unemployed Graduates and hence thousands of job sites, which says they will get you placed, post amcat, elitmus and cocubes jobs, collect mail addresses, spam, ask money saying that they will get you placed in a reputed company and repeat, how to know which career sites are good?

Job search engine

Bhea knowledge technologies Pvt Ltd

Bhea knowledge technologies Pvt Ltd is conducting offcampus drive for engineering freshers.
Bhea knowledge technologies Pvt Ltd
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The best books to Learn C and C++

Today, Most of the youngsters see their life as a race, they want to graduate fast, learn skills in a few days, join great companies, start a startup , make money, marry and settle fast. But that's not the way world works, let me tell you the truth, "No company will pay you lacs for skills that can be learnt in a few days" .


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Sedin technologies pool campus drive

Sedin technologies is conducting pool campus drive for engineering freshers.

Sedin technologies pool campus drive