Friday, 26 May 2017

An interview with the crazy programmer

Do you love programming? Do you live in India? Then you must have heard  about this blog Thecrazyprogrammer, it's one of the best blogs to learn programming with over 2 lac followers. We have interviewed the man behind this blog Mr. Neeraj mishra.

Q : Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog, When did you start blogging?
First of all, I would link to thank you for providing me the opportunity to share about myself with your blog readers.

I am Software Engineer by qualification and Blogger by profession. I am running a popular programming blog I started blogging in 2011 when I was studying in 11th class.

Q : What inspired you to start your own blog?
One of my close friend inspired me during my schools days. He said blogging is something from which one can earn good money. Initially my primary focus was money but gradually I realized that just focusing on money won’t work. One should focus more on providing quality and value to people, money is by product.

Keep calm and learn programming

Q :  From Where did you learn programming?
Initially I learned programming from my school teacher but later internet helped me learn a lot.

Q : Is blogging your full time profession, if yes, how do you monetize your blog?
Yes it is. After completing my B.Tech in 2016 I chose blogging as my full time career.

There are various monetization methods I use like Google ads, sponsored post and direct ads.

Q : What all can one learn by following your blog?
My blog is helpful specially for beginners to learn programming. One can learn programming technologies like C, C++, Java, Python, Android, SQL and DSA.
Q :  How tough it is  to learn a programming language?
Its not so tough if someone have keen interest in programming. There are various good resources available on internet from where one can learn easily. But sometimes it becomes tough when you face some kind of bug or problem and that doesn’t solve. In such situations stackoverflow helps, it is the life savior for programmers.

Q : Who is your role model? and why?
Each and every person of this world are my role models. I analyze every person I meet and try to learn something from them.

Q : What do you want to tell to today's youth and job seekers?
My only advice is don’t study for the sake of getting good marks. Just getting good percentage won’t get you good job or potential to start your own business. Focus on getting more and more practical knowledge and learning skills. Take my example, I was an average guy during my school and college days. Apart from studies I focused on learning blogging and programming. Due the skills I learnt, Today I am self employed, helping thousands of programmers and earning good money.

And Another advice is don’t do what others are doing or what others say you to do. Just follow your passion. Its your life and you should take your decisions.

Q :  What do you think of our blog?
I really liked the concept of your blog. One can get job opportunities, career guidance and learn new skills all at one place. Just keep working and giving quality service to people. My good wishes are with you.

Signs off.

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