Friday, 12 May 2017

Jobhuntzz search engine

Today there are lacs of unemployed Graduates and hence thousands of job sites, which says they will get you placed, post amcat, elitmus and cocubes jobs, collect mail addresses, spam, ask money saying that they will get you placed in a reputed company and repeat, how to know which career sites are good?

Job search engine

So jobhuntzz came up with a special search engine using Google custom search, here you can search for offcampus jobs, career guidance, where to learn stuffs, institute reviews, books etc, unlike Google we are not including thousands of career sites, we manually select only genuine career sites and show it in search results, currently we have selected following sites
  1. Jobhuntzz - All
  2. Apuzz - offcampus jobs
  3. Fresherlive - offcampus jobs
  4. Enggwave - offcampus jobs
  5. Chetanasforum - offcampus jobs
  6. The crazy programmer - learning
  7. Tutorials point - learning
  8. Sololearn - learning
  9. Stack overflow - questions and answers
  10. Udacity - learning
  11. W3schools - learning web development
  12. Khan academy - learning
  13. Codecademy- learning
  14. Hackerrank - coding
  15. Amcat - offcampus jobs
  16. Elitmus - offcampus jobs
  17. Internshala - internships
  18. Indiabix - Aptitude practice and Interview experiences
  19. M4maths - Aptitude and Interview experiences

Why should you use jobhuntzz search engine?

  • Only pages from reputed sites are displayed, so no fake job opportunities will be displayed
  • It's your Search engine, you can tell us which sites to include
  • No distractions, since this search engine includes only career sites
  • It is powered by Google
  • Search based on freshness
Why should you use jobhuntzz search engine when Google exists?
Google search results for offcampus jobs query
Google search results

Jobhuntzz search results for offcampus jobs query
Jobhuntzz search results

  • Our search engine is faster than Google search, as the number of sites indexed by us are way less than those indexed by Google, while Google took 0.53 seconds, we took only 0.44 seconds to display the results for query "offcampus jobs".
  • All sites which are indexed by our search engine are manually selected by us unlike Google which uses bots to select sites, so obviously the quality of search results is better than Google.
  • Our search engine can provide results based on freshness of the post while Google can't do that.
  • Jobhuntzz search engine is career specific and includes jobs and learning stuff only, While Google is universal search engine.

Free yourself from fake job opportunities, our search engine will be visible in our blog itself above main menu, if you want to access it separately visit Jobhuntzz search engine

Do you have any suggestions on which other sites to include?

To learn aptitude click Aptitude

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