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Kaushalya Karnataka scheme

Karnataka state government has launched a scheme called kaushalya Karnataka to provide free technical training for job seekers.
Kaushalya Karnataka scheme

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  • What is kaushalya Karnataka scheme?
A:- kaushalya Karnataka is a special scheme introduced by government of Karnataka for training Graduates, There's a huge gap between demand of skilled labour by companies and  supply of the same. It is estimated the number of youth requiring vocational training after graduation from 2017-2030 is about 1.88 crores, so to minimize this number , kaushalya Karnataka scheme has been introduced.

  • Where can i apply for the scheme, is it completely free?

A:- you can apply as a trainee in the official site Kaushalya Karnataka scheme from may 15th and Yes it's free, Anybody within age 16-35 can apply

  • Can i apply as a tutor as well?
A:- yes, you can apply as a tutor or training center provider too

  • What's the length of the course, will they provide any certificate? Any placement opportunities?
A:- No placements for sure, No information on certificate, you can select the length of the course.

  • What all skills can one learn
A:- They have covered almost all skills ranging from animator to beauty therapist 

To register as a trainee Trainee registration
To register as a tutor Training service provider

To learn aptitude click Aptitude

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