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The best books to Learn C and C++

Today, Most of the youngsters see their life as a race, they want to graduate fast, learn skills in a few days, join great companies, start a startup , make money, marry and settle fast. But that's not the way world works, let me tell you the truth, "No company will pay you lacs for skills that can be learnt in a few days" .


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If you are determined to move in Technical field, please invest your time to learn the skill first, HTML,CSS,Basics of C,C++ will not get you a Technical job especially in offcampus. You may get bpo, call centre or utmost a job in a service based company ( even thats tough considering the competition in offcampus drives), Think as a recuiter, will you recruit a candidate who knows just Html,css, basics of c and spend your time and money in teaching him necessary skills and then get the job done by him/her? No, recruiters want you to be an expert in either of these skills

  • Data structures and  Algorithms
  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript ( including AngularJS, React JS, jQuery)
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby on rails
  • Hadoop
  • Big data etc..
You need atleast months to be good at these skills, pick your choice and start studying, The best ways to spend your money is by buying good books, Here are the best books to learn c, c++ and coding in these languages.

Books to learn C

Author: Brain W kernighan
Book length: 288 pages
I learnt C through this book
The C programming language is one of the best written C Book ever, The author assumes you know nothing about C, By the time you finish the book, you'll be having good knowledge of c and increased interest and confidence in learning programming.

Author: Yashavant kanetkar
Book length: 572 pages
14th edition of the most popular C book
Let us C is treated more like a C dictionary than a book to learn, Though number of examples and programs are considerably less compared to other books, Let us is arguably one of the best books to learn C.

Author: David griffiths
Book length: 652 pages

Books to Learn C++

Author: E Balguruswamy
Book length: 584 pages
Editor's choice

Author: Bjarne stroustrup ( Founder of the language)
Book length: 1040 pages
The book is written by the founder of the language.

Books to learn data structures and Algorithms

Author: S K Srivastava
This book is for beginners who find data structures difficult

Author: Jon keinberg
Book length: 827 pages
The most underrated algorithm book, Believe me, this book has potential to change your career life

Author: Thomas kormen
Book length: 1312 pages
This book is to be used as a reference only, Do not buy this book if you are a beginner

Books for coding interviews

Author: Gayle laakmann McDowell
Book length: 551 pages
189 coding Interview questions ranging from basic ones to the using most trickiest algorithm

Author: Jon louis Bentley
Book length: 256 pages
A Technical Masterpiece

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Happy learning!!
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