Friday, 23 June 2017

Why should you start freelancing

  • What is freelancing? 
Freelancing is working for a company or people without being an employee, freelancers are part time, self employed people.

To start with freelancing you must be an expert in some or the other service, freelancing is usually associated with IT, digital marketing and maintenance fields.

  • How to find clients?
This is the toughest part, how can a person trust you without knowing anything about you?

Here are some sites to signup for freelancing
  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork
  3. People per hour
  4. Fiverr
  5. Toptal
  6. Guru.
But for starters, it is tough to get projects as there will be hundreds of bids for a project, if you manage to get a project or two and complete it successfully, then it'll become easy to get other projects.

If you are starter, join freelancing and startup groups in facebook, share your portfolio and LinkedIn profile link and ask for any projects, do services at nominal prices at start, i did first two projects for absolutely free of cost, if possible ask for internship certificate instead of money which can help you to get full time job.

  • Why should you start freelancing? 

  1. Because you are free now
  2. Because you have technical knowledge but no job experience
  3. Because you can build relationships with many startups
  4. Because freelancing is lot of fun
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing?
  1. You can earn as much as you wish, you can earn a lot if you get international clients. Consider an example, where an international client gives a service company 10$ /hr for every employee working towards the project that's roughly 1700$ or 1 lac rupees per month( 22 days work), they give their employees anywhere between 20-40k for that work, but in freelancing you get full money.
  2. You can work from anywhere and at anytime
  3. You will learn a lot by experimenting which you could not do in full time jobs
  4. It adds as a huge plus in your resume

  1. Tough to get clients
  2. Clients will act as boss, so time constraints, stress, re work, no pay will still be there
  3. You lose interest in full time jobs as you become lazy.
Uberisation : Companies have started buying service from freelancers, instead of hiring Graduates and training them to get the job done, this will be the trend in coming days, so the number of full time jobs may eventually become less and companies may buy service from expert freelancers in near future. This is termed as uberisation or gig economy.
Source: Economic times

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