Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Your Career

Everyone one of you are our blog readers either because you are looking for your first job or looking for opportunities to change your job, According to sources, over 70% of Youth are not Happy with the work they're doing!! Why???

Don't be busy be productive

  • They find the work to be repetitive
  • They do not feel excited 
  • They feel anybody else can do this job, it's not challenging at all
  • They feel this career is not the right choice for them
Then why are they working there?
  • Because they do not have choice
  • Because they want money
After all this let me ask you a question, do you really want a job that you're not interested at? 

A lot of working population's aim is to retire as early as possible, so that they can either do the work they're interested at or spend time traveling, do you think you can earn a crore by doing work that you are not interested at? Really? No its not possible, you should either Start loving the job you are doing or do the job you love, So that you can achieve something in that field.

The cons associated with job are : 
  • Majority of companies will give you repeatitive work, Because they want the work do be done for different clients, Because the companies work in single niche, All they want is to satisfy their clients, Not to make you learn new technologies.
  • 9-5 jobs drain your energy
  • There's no break
  • Lot of work
  • The More work you do, more you will get
  • You'll never earn high salary working in Companies, ofcourse not everyone is interested in money.
You'll spend around 30 years of your life working, imagine what you can do if you do the work you love or love the work you do.

What should you do?
  • Learn the skill you love and master it, please never see how much time it will take, do not look at the stairs, just put your steps.
  • Teach it to the youth and earn through teaching 
  • Make use of your skills and do something that's practical
Select a right career and you don't have to work for a day.

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