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5 Best Books to Learn Java

Before Telling you the best books to learn Java, let me tell you why you should learn Java.

  • Java is one of the most widely used programming language  and second most Popular programming language in the world.
  • The Average Salary of Java developer is 4.34LPA in India and 83,975$ per year in US according to
  • There are over 1 crore Java developers in the world, so there's no fear of Java becoming extinct.
  • Google's Android OS used in smart phones uses Java APIs
  • About 3 billion mobile phones and 125 million TV Sets uses Java
  • More than 95% of enterprise desktop runs Java
  • 100% of Blue ray disc players ship with Java.
  • Java is machine independent programming language and works across many devices.
  • Java is 2nd most in demand programming language in the world.
By now you should have known, Java is nowhere near its end, and Java developers are in constant demand, so if you are that person who like to learn java, here are the best books to learn it.

Author: Herbert schildt
Edition: 10th edition, 2017
Number of pages: 1312
Price: Approximately 600 Rupees

Java the complete reference by Herbert schildt is the most popular Java book ever, #1 Recommended book from Java developers From last 10 years. This book is a must have for anybody who wants to learn java.

2. Java Beginner's Guide

Author: Herbert schildt
Edition: 6th edition, 2017
Number of pages: 728
Price: Apprximately 600 Rupees

Java a beginner's guide is an another masterpiece by herbert schildt tailored for beginners, THe author has explained concepts keeping in mind that you know nothing about java, so if you are beginner/newbie to java, you can buy this book.

3. Head First Java

Author: Kathy sierra & Bert bates.
Edition: 2nd edition, 2005
Number of pages: 730
Price: Around 850 Rupees

2nd edition of the book was released in 2005, But the book was never updated after that, though the book covers all the basics of java you should know, You cannot learn java fully through this books as it's not updated. you can use this book as a reference.

4. Programming with Java, A Primer

Author: E Balaguruswamy
Edition: 5th edition, 2017
Number of pages: 480
Price: Around 350 Rupees.

Are you that person who have a core Java interview in a month and don't know anything about java? do you want to know java as much as expected in the industry? If Yes,Java Primer by Balaguruswamy is the best choice for you, the right price, crisp explaination and short number of pages makes the book one of the most recommended books to learn java in india., I learnt java through this book and i can say it's really worth the hype.

5. Core Java, an integrated approach

Author:Dr. R. Nageswara Rao.
Edition: 1st edition, 2016
Number of pages: 720
Price: Around 450 Rupees

This book is by a new author R. Nageswara rao who has written guide to all programming languages along with popular inrerview questions and answers. If you want to buy a java book with interview questions you can go with this book, This book covers only Core java.

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