Thursday, 15 February 2018

6 common interview mistakes to avoid

Majority of job seekers have a misconception of job interview that if you have sound knowledge in the field, you can crack it, But in reality it doesn't work like that, Because an interview is not mere selection of a technical person but a person with right attitude. So we present you "6 common mistakes you should avoid in a job interview".

Interview mistakes

1. Arriving late

Been there done that, Take it from the experienced one, going late to the interview is the last thing you can do to make sure that you do not get selected. The attitude and questions asked can be different when you come late and reversing the interviewer perspective of you in the interview is tough and not everybody can hit a six when it's most needed, so better be on time.

2. Arriving too early

I'm more of a dynamic person, i usually don't plan/decide on what to talk in the interview. I never went too early for an interview because when you are early there is a high probability of you to think of what should you speak in the interview and prepare for it, which affects natural flow of interview, Additionally you may use your Mobile phone to play a last clash of clans battle or to comment funny on your friend's new dp on Facebook, again where were we? This is what happens when you use it before the interview.

3. Hiding your real answers

Hrs and Interviewers are trained in such a way as to identify whether the person is lying or not. When they ask you a situational question they pay 75% of attention towards your expressions and reactions. Hiding your real answers and telling the answer that you think they're expecting from you shouldn't be done in any company's interview regardless of how big the company is.

4. Unimpressive resume

Resume is actually the only thing that stands out in off campus jobs. Whether you apply for Google directly or apply for start-up, resume is the first filter used in selection process. When it comes to campus recruitment, A resume adds more of a plus point, because most of your classmates will be copying seniors resume which was probably copied from their senior, Generation changed, Resume didn't. But you stand out with unique and simple resume. A good resume is all you need to get interviewer's attention. I recommend to use Shri resume, you can get professional resumes written at good prices.

5. Not speaking clearly

During an interview, a lot of candidates feel nervous and anxious, but if you ask me I'll tell there's no need to be nervous at all, Worst case is you may get rejected again. Always think you expect more than this job, it highly controls your fear. Speak your heart out.. You can achieve nothing with fear.

6. Negative body language

There is a saying that an ideal interviewer can guess your confidence by just an initial handshake. Interviewers are trained to know the stress handling capacity, general behaviour and his/her confidence level, since you cannot change anything at the moment i suggest you to be as natural as possible.

Take the end of the interview as an advantage to ask questions about how the company compensation details, how the work will ideally be.. working hours and whether you can decide what to work on and how the company can contribute to your career growth.

All the best!!

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