Sunday, 10 June 2018

Google launches job search in India: What you should know

Google recently launched job search in india, where you can access jobs available across all genuine job portals.

Job search by Google

Nowadays, There are large number of job portals, Majority of them are fake and tries to collect users data either to sell it to institutes/ colleges for a price or to make money by making fake job promises. Identifying genuine job portals was a major problem for job seekers, to avoid this, Google recently launched job search where all jobs from genuine job portals are aggregated to single platform, users can search jobs and apply at the platform.

Google job search features

  • By Location: From cities to areas within cities, you can also expand by selecting radius upto 300Km
Jobs by Location and radius

  • Date posted: Options include yesterday, past 3 days, past week, past month
  • Job type: Full time, Contractor, Internship and part time
  • Employer: Company where you are applying job for
  • Category and Company type: Category of job/ Company
  • Title: Job Title or role

Save/ alerts

Google job save and alerts

You can save the post by clicking the save button, you can turn on email alerts for particular search to receive notifications directly to your mail.

Google job search triggers for every job/career related keywords, so you can also Google directly with location/role/company to get filtered results in job search.

Upon clicking a job you'll get job responsibilities, qualifications and descriptions, you also get links to apply for job in various portals. You also get Glassdoor, Careerbliss, Indeed reviews along with company website, more jobs in company and Google search for the company.

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